Changing the Display Name of a Contact

The display name is the name that displays when you begin typing in the To (or BC or CC) field of a message. When you begin typing a name, for example “Ta,” Name Completion fills in the rest of the name with a name from the address book, for example “Tabitha Hu.” However, if there are two Tabitha Hus in the address book, one in Accounting and one in Facilities, it might be difficult for you to know which name Name Completion has filled in, unless you take the time to look at more properties.

You can change the display name so that it’s easy to know which name Name Completion has filled in. For example, if you only correspond with Tabitha Hu in Accounting, you could change the display name to Tabitha--Accounting.

  1. Click the Contacts tab on the Nav Bar.

  2. Click the address book you want to modify the contact in.

  3. Double-click a contact.

  4. Type a new name in the Display Name field.

  5. Click Save & Close.

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